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Studies in the local setting provide varied information on the prevalence of adolescent pregnancy in the Philippines, depending on source and time of survey as well as age of respondents.In 1982, the first Youth and Adult Fertility Survey (YAFS1) revealed that 87.2 % of sexually active young females became pregnant.More and more expats start working in the Philippines to benefit from the booming economy of the archipelago! Our guide to working in the Philippines offers info on the nation’s economy, etiquette, and everything else you need to know about the country's business world.

This study combines quantitative and qualitative data from Metro Cebu to assess the timing and predictors of young people's partnerships, as well as the context in which these partnerships are occurring.

Given the ‘new’ realities of young Filipinos’ lives, targeted efforts to support adolescents’ transition to adulthood are needed to avert potentially adverse lifeevents.

The global population is comprised of the largest cohort of adolescents ever witnessed.

An archipelago of about 7,000 islands, the Philippines is located in southeast Asia—north of Malaysia, south of Taiwan, east of Vietnam, and far west of Hawaii, USA.

The Philippines has a young population with an estimated median age of 22.9 years in 2010. ADOLESCENCE: A DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT Often categorized with teenagers, youth, young people and young adults are adolescents who form a distinct population group due to their unique biological, psychological and social characteristics.