Dating in pentacostal church

28-Jan-2018 05:31

She talks about her motivation and how the church can become a better place for singles Why did you set up Christian Connection?

Often there are only a few single Christians in churches and I wanted to provide a means for them to meet potential partners.

The uncanny resemblance even extends to the weird challenges/tests that don’t appear to bear any resemblance to anything remotely like a long-term relationship, but which the producers likely thought would entertain viewers.

One is left with the impression that churches are like big social clubs, identical to anything one sees in secular culture–an odd message indeed considering that the churches are clearly fundagelical and thus very likely would resent such a comparison in any other context.

I also wanted to create something that gave Christians a better experience than other mainstream dating sites.

The internet was emerging and dating seemed to offer great opportunities. It is a really interesting world, full of challenges, human and technological, constant innovation, and also great personal satisfaction when I hear of people getting together and marrying. Christian Connection is both a business and a ministry.

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Which church you attend is fundamental to your faith experience.

Many families contain parents from different denominational backgrounds, and at least one of the spouses has changed denominations.

Often when a family moves to an area, they end up attending a church that is a different denomination than they have previously experienced because it aligns better with their current spiritual goals and needs.

The congregation offers up a bunch of suitable matches, and then decides which one they like best, and then (theoretically at least) the happy couple weds and lives happily ever after.

The show ran for a couple of seasons from 2014-2015, at which point it just dwindled away, but I don’t watch a lot of reality shows so I didn’t catch it when it first aired.

Timberline Church loves that image because it brings to mind the changes that God can affect.