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12-Aug-2017 10:05

Katy Perry feels ‘very sad’ for ‘Catfish’ victim A closer look at the date coach’s “work” reveals scores more clueless videos and explainers including “Should You Ignore Your Ex to Get Her Back?

Additionally, Harper Stein use trained relationship psychologists to ensure that members get the best service they can – it’s not just left to chance with this luxury dating service.

Not that I want to defend the women-with-headphones guy, but here’s a defense of the women-with-headphones guy.

Dan Bacon, the Australian self-proclaimed “dating and relationship expert” behind website The Modern Man, has rightly earned mockery for his smug, pathologically misguided guide to “How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones,” which resurfaced this week after it was originally posted in 2013.

Oh, and in case it's not already clear—literally nothing this guy says is right or true. If her mother was a slim stunner when she was younger, but has put on more than a couple of pounds over the years and is really showing her age, yes, your girlfriend can easily develop those same physical traits without much effort.

If she talks about her children a lot, asks if you have children of your own or questions whether you want children someday, especially early in your conversation, chances are good that she’s looking for a husband/replacement father and is trying to weed out any men who won’t take on that role.She then tried to call him and get him to come back and have sex with her, but he just went and pulled another girl for a one night stand instead.