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The pressure is three tons per square inch, enough to crush us like a freight train going over an ant if our hull fails. Bodine slips on a pair of 3-D electronic goggles, and grabs the joystick controls of the ROV. SNOOP DOG drives itself away from the sub, paying out its umbilical behind it like a robot yo-yo. It's going like a first date in prison, whattaya think?! in the floor debris in the suite, in the mother's room, in the purser's safe on C deck... A tech coaxes some letters in the water tray to one side with a tong...

Here and there a door still hangs on its rusted hinges. There is also a documentary video crew, hired by Lovett to cover his moment of glory. In the background Mir Two is being lowered into its cradle on deck by a massive hydraulic arm.

Recent neuroscience research reveals how critical administrative support of teachers is in the quest to help children become resilient, well-adjusted, and socially and emotionally competent.

Administrators must help teachers build core […]Full Description Please be advised that this is webinar is for consultants, not a professional development experience.

Add in organising supplies and planning for every contingency, and it was no wonder he felt exhausted.

It was two in the morning and high time he had some stress relief.

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Out of the darkness, like a ghostly apparition, the bow of the ship appears. These windows are nine inches thick and if they go, it's sayonara in two microseconds. 9 OUTSIDE THE SUB, the ROV, a small orange and black robot called SNOOP DOG, lifts from its cradle and flies forward. Its twin stereo-video cameras swivel like insect eyes. BODINE You know, boss, this happened to Geraldo and his career never recovered. Lovett grabs the phone from Buell and goes instantly smooth. revealing a pencil (conte crayon) drawing of a woman. Mir Two is already in the water, and Lovett is getting ready to climb into Mir One when Bobby Buell runs up to him.

On the other side, crammed into the remaining space is a bearded wide-body named LEWIS BODINE, sho is also asleep. It gets brighter, lit from above, as MIR ONE enters FRAME and drops to the seafloor in a downblast from its thrusters. 6 The featureless gray clay of the bottom unrols in the lights of the subs. Stalactites of rust hang down so that at times it looks like a natural grotto, then the scene shifts and the lines of a ghostly undersea mansion can be seen again. It squeezes through the doorframe, scraping rust and wood chunks loose on both sides. LOVETT Okay, I want to see what's under that wardrobe door. The silt clears and Snoop's cameras show them what was under the door... ON THE SCREEN, in the glare of the lights, is the object of their quest: a small STEEL COMBINATION SAFE. STERN OF DECK OF KEDYSH - DAY THE SAFE, dripping wet in the afternoon sun, is lowered onto the deck of a ship by a winch cable. Brock nods to his technicians, and they set about drilling the safe's hinges. Now he is using deep submergence technology to work two and a half miles down at another famous wreck... He is with us live via satellite from a Russian research ship in the middle of the Atlantic... LOVETT ...a piece of paper that's been underwater for 84 years... Should this have remained unseen at the bottom of the ocean for eternity, when we can see it and enjoy it now...?

It hits bottom after its two hour free-fall with a loud BONK. MIR ONE Lovett and Bodine jerk awake at the landing. Bodine is watching the sidescan sonar display, where the outline of a huge pointed object is visible. MONTAGE STYLE, as Snoop passes the ghostly images of Titanic's opulence: 10 A grand piano in amazingly good shape, crashed on its side against a wall. 11 A chandelier, still hanging from the ceiling by its wire... 12 Its lights play across the floor, revealing a champagne bottle, then some WHITE STAR LINE china... Then something eerie: what looks like a child's skull resolves into the porcelain head of a doll. It moves out of a cloud of rust and keeps on going. SEVERAL ANGLES as the ROV deploys its MANIPULATOR ARMS and starts moving debris aside. Lewis grips a wardrobe door, lying at an angle in a corner, and pulls it with Snoop's gripper. BODINE Ooohh daddy-oh, are you seein' what I'm seein'? By his expression it is like he is seeing the Holy Grail. We are on the Russian research vessel AKADEMIK MISTISLAV KELDYSH. During this operation, Brock amps the suspense, working the lens to fill the time. Here's where we find out if the time, the sweat, the money spent to charter this ship and these subs, to come out here to the middle of the North Atlantic...

The number one thing you can do as a parent to help teach your child to read is to read to them.

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The number one thing as a parent you can do for the world is to raise your child to be a responsible, caring adult.

I've got three more novel-length tales written and a fouth nearly completed. It had been a really long day, and only midway through what was bound to be a long week.