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"Work has now been suspended because military activity has begun again in the area," Lysenko told a news briefing.Ukraine says the attack occurred near the city of Luhansk, close to the border with Russia, in an area where there were intense artillery exchanges between government forces and pro-Russian separatists.Ukrainian Rock Band Okean Elzy Formed in the city of Lviv in 1994, the band Okean Elzy has gathered a following of fans throughout Ukraine and beyond its borders with music and lyrics that resonate with the band's audience. read more Historical Reminders of the Scythians in Ukraine Thousands of burial mounds across the southern steppes of Ukraine remain as a reminder of the historical presence of the Scythians, a semi-nomadic equestrian tribe who occupied the area between the 7th century BC and the 4th more Ukrainian Crafts: Petrykivka Painting Originating in the village of Petrykivka in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, the Petrykivka style of painting is one of Ukraine's unique and treasured forms of ornamental folk art which is still practiced around the country today. read more Visiting Villages in the Heart of Ukraine On the road between Kiev and Poltava, through an area affectionately referred to as the 'Heart of Ukraine', travelers will come across a number of villages overflowing with history and culture. read more Important Bird Areas of Ukraine Working in partnership with Birdlife International, the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB) has its headquarters in Kiev, with local branches throughout Ukraine supported by thousands of birdwatchers and ornit...They have known me and my whole life and seen the kind of woman I have become and what lead me here.

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They know what they love about me and what drives them crazy.Eduardo Vargas was in de halve finale tussen Portugal en Chili heel dichtbij een Chileense openingstreffer met een schitterende omhaal.